From an anonymous source,
I fed you Goligoski last week.
I will give you this tidbit this week.
Now that Colby Armstrong has signed for two years – he is back on the trading block. He was on the block at the draft – but GM’s were worried about him arbitrating. Teams interested include Edmonton, Vancouver, Anehiem, Ottawa, Montreal, Detroit and Tampa. Shero may wait for training camp now to move him – unless he gets the right offer (imagine Kovalev now).

As for the anonymous source: This guy was right on about Goligoski. On Sunday he told me Goligoski would sign a 2 year deal on Wednesday. Goligoski did sign on Wednesday. He also said the Penguins would sign a couple minor leagues by the end of the week which they did. Although this is not coming from my main source, the Armstrong rumor adds up and could be legit.

As for what i know at the moment: I’ve been told in the past week someone off the roster will be moved before training camp and the top two candidates are Ryan Malone or Colby Armstrong. Believe it or not but i’ve been told Shero values Malone higher than Colby Armstrong. Don’t know how he could but take it for whats its worth. When i was in Columbus for the draft i learned St.Louis, Montreal, Detroit, LA had inquired about Colby. Montreal is a intriquing team to traded with. Mike Babcok spoke very highly of Colby when the Red Wings played the Pens last year. More on this later. Looking into it.