Sidney Crosby’s search for answers regarding his motion and balance issues has him now seeing a neurological spine specialist in California.

After spending several days in Atlanta with Dr. Ted Carrick, a neurological chiropractic specialist, Crosby went to California Friday to visit with Dr. Robert S. Bray, a neurological spine specialist, as part of his continuing treatment program, the team announced today. Crosby will undergo a series of tests with Dr. Bray, according to the team.
“Sidney is meeting with some of the top specialists in the country as he continues his recovery,” GM Ray Shero said in a statement.
Crosby was said to be doing well this week under the guidance of Dr. Carrick. Crosby’s camp is said to be strong believers in Carrick’s practices and are believed to be the ones who orchestrated Crosby working with Carrick last August.
The growing concern continues to be the motion and balance issues, which has led to more specialists getting involved as all parties involved look to fully correct the issue before Crosby can return to game action. He is currently skating.
The spin coming from the Penguins and Crosby’s camp seems to be that this is a good thing and part of his rehab process but how this is considered a good thing, I’m not sure. If anything, this surely isn’t a normal concussion rehab process. That makes this is a scary situation due to the motion and balance issues he’s dealing with.
The Penguins without Crosby are on a roll of late, winning five straight behind the sensational play of Evgeni Malkin who has taken Crosby’s throne for now as the games best player.