Eddie Olczyk to replace Mike Kitchen?

The St.Louis are having not trouble winning but are also having trouble getting fans to show.A once proud franchise holds the worst record in the league at(7-17-4) and changes will be coming. So, Blues president John Davidson refused to comment on his staff. “Regarding coaching, I can tell you they work,” Davidson was quoted as saying in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Other than that, I don’t make any comment on coaching. They work hard. It’s senseless to make comments on coaching in any direction at any time.”
But as Philly, Columbus and Chicago have already made changes, Kitchen (28-63-19) has to know he’s on the hot seat. “It bothers you when the team doesn’t win, and it bothers you at Scottrade Center, when you don’t see a full building,” Kitchen said. “That bothers you as a coach because you know that’s part of your responsibility … winning. If you win, the people are going to come watch you. You’ve got to kind of bear with it; there are some sleepless nights, but we will get through it.” The Post-Dispatch also hinted that players are not happy with some of the coach’s recent comments. Kitchen had reportedly blamed Curtis Sanford for not communicating a goaltending change to during a Nov. 9 game against the Jackets. “You’d think the goalie would tell the other goalie that he’s going in,” Kitchen said after that game. “I guess there was a communication problem there.

Whispers around the league
Eddie Olczyk and Andy Murray are high on John Davidsons list as possible candidates to replace Kitchen. Olczyk’s name may be a surprise to some but Davidson is very high on him. Around Pittsburgh he is a laughing stock but still around the league Olcyzk is looked as a up and coming coach. Theres a reason Lou Lamoriello had Olyczk on his short list of candidates last season reported by the New York Post. Attendance is down in area like Boston and viewership is down in Canada. Why isn’t the NHL worried?

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