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Insider Only Goodell doesn’t rule out diminishing Roethlisberger’s suspension?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has already talked to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlsiberger today and will talk to him again this afternoon but there will probably be no reduction of suspension until later in camp, Inside Pittsburgh Sports contributor and 105.9 WXDX morning host Tim Benz informs me.
An interesting dynamic this morning is the commissioner has stated that Roethlisberger has gone above and beyond in what he was asked to do and when asked twice by reporters today, Goodell did not rule out Ben’s suspension being diminished under the current 6-to-4 game window.

However, just after 11:20 a.m., the Steelers PR team is now denying that’s what Goodell meant when he was pressed twice about Roethlisberger’s suspenson being reduced to under 4 games.
The opportunity though was clearly there for Goodell to rule out the possibility all together but he didn’t… it remains to be seen what to take out of it right now.
The Steelers though seem fully onboard with the 4-to-6 game suspension as the length of the suspension this off-season was a join effort.

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