On the heels of waiving Kasperi Kapanen last week, talk among high-ranking members of the organization for a few days now, is the team was gauging the trade market on Brock McGinn but would not go the waivers route for McGinn unless they were far down the road on a deal and needed to create cap space.

The Penguins are confident that they are heading down that road so here we are with McGinn being placed on waivers today. If McGinn is claimed and Mark Friedman clears waivers, the Penguins could take on close to $6 million in cap hits at the deadline. With two years left on his deal and carrying a $2.75 million cap hit, the Penguins are aware of two clubs that are believed to be considering a waiver claim of McGinn.

So, what is building?

After the Edmonton game, sources say the Penguins trade deadline list for forward targets started to change a bit where they’re no longer just identifying players who they feel can fit Mike Sullivan’s system. They’re targeting a specific type of forward that will make them harder to play against in the dirty areas and below the dots and can scored in those areas.

That’s led to To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”! becoming the hot name this afternoon in league circles. Due to questions about his fit in playing a fast-paced game in Mike Sullivan’s system, the Penguins have never been enamored with To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”!