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While Penguins GM Jim Rutherford fully expects to add an impact third line center at somepoint before the trade deadline and it’s not ruled out that move comes before opening night, though unlikely, the Penguins have taken the right route this summer and into training camp in avoiding to make a move to just make a move.

Among guys out there actively available the Penguins could have acquired already sources say is Detroit’s Riley Sheahan. Sheahan, though, is nowhere near at the top of the Penguins wishlist and is not one of the three primary targets the Penguins are waiting to see that becomes available.

“[hide]I’m maybe not as anxious as you guys are to fill that role,” Rutherford said of the third line center role.[/hide]

If the Penguins wanted to acquire a player who doesn’t create high danger opportunities and is more of a 4th line caliber center than a 3rd line center, the team can just sign training camp invite Jay McClement who’s a strong defensive player for $800,000 instead of bringing Sheahan on board for the $2.05 million cap hit.

“I probably could have made a deal by now, but we’ve kind of got our focus on three guys right now,” Rutherford said on Friday. “We think one or two of those guys will become available here, maybe even before the season starts, but maybe not.”

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