New Fleury Developments/Mystery on Stadium Series Goaltender

It’s expected a 1-on-1 conversation between Marc Andre Fleury and Jim Rutherford will happen around Sunday as both sides will air some final things out before Wednesday’s 3:00 p.m. deadline.

The situation remains fluid and one source close to the situation described things as heading down a path where both sides want to part ways but neither side wants to be the party to tell the other.

It’s a couple that’s decided to split it up and divorce but neither side wants to be the first to sign the papers.

Fleury will not demand a trade, is fine with playing the season out in Pittsburgh, but there are some rumblings (outside of Pittsburgh/Fleury camp) that the Penguins have been pushing a trade much harder than they have let on to Fleury which has rubbed [hide] Fleury and his camp the wrong way in the past couple days.

Yesterday all of the messages out of the Penguins organization is a trade was very unlikely. Now there’s believed to be some frustration building from Fleury’s end where things could finally break the other way.

Still, the market is what it is (the Penguins have yet to receive one offer) but there is a lot of speculation this evening the Penguins are pushing to get something brewing to open opportunities for something else.

Talk among a few executives, Pittsburgh is the team that’s tried to push the envelope with the Flames and not the other way around.

If a deal comes together with Pittsburgh and Calgary, the growing sense is defenseman Dennis Wideman would surely be part of the deal coming to Pittsburgh.


— While the Fleury camp might feel the Penguins are trying to bait Fleury into demanding a trade as there’s some thought of that out there, one thing the Penguins have done throughout the process is be in constant communication with Fleury reps on which teams have expressed interest. A trade to Calgary for instance wouldn’t be blocked.

— As for Tomorrow night’s game……..

Mike Sullivan has never come off as the sentimental type of guy but one of the few storylines for the Penguins – Flyers outdoor game Saturday night is whether the Penguins would start Marc Andre Fleury in goal as a sign of appreciation.

“It’s my responsibility first and foremost to try to win hockey games and that’s how we look at it,” Sullivan said. Having said that we’re very appreciate of what players have brought to this team and their body of work. We try to take everything into consideration when we make these type of personnel decisions. They’re not easy ones by any stretch but at the end of the day the way I look at it, it’s my responsibility to the Penguins and this group to try to make the best decisions to help our team win a hockey game.”

On one token, Sullivan’s comments lean towards his No. 1 netminder Matt Murray starting but for the time being he would not name a starter, saying the team will make an announcement in the morning.

Leading into this game Murray has had all expectations he’d be in goal and in practice today he took the normal reps that the starting goaltender for the next game does. [/hide]