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Insider Only League takes initiative in jump starting talks with new offer to NHLPA

In an attempt to still play a full 82 game schedule, the National Hockey League has taken the initiative to breaking the stalemate and have offered the players a 50-50 revenue split, in a new offer made by the league today.
The offer includes no rollback of salaries and players will be able to recoup lost salary from this season at a later time. The players have currently missed one paycheck.
The proposal by the league is a 50-50 revenue split for all eight years of the proposed deal.
Under the NHL’s proposal, the season would start November 2nd, with training camps opening up on Oct. 25.
“We hope we’ve given our best shot,” commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters on Tuesday afternoon.
The league has long sought a 50-50 revenue split (something they will get at the end of the day) and while the players have not been against a 50-50 split, they have been against a 50-50 split in year one or year two of a potential deal. The players have been more interested in a gradual decline in their revenue split, for example a scenario like getting 54% in year 1 and 2, 52% in year 3 and then 51% in year 4. The league’s prosposal is an even split all the way through.
With no rollback in salaries, a key issue moving forward is going to be the players escrow, which has been a big concern for the players. Other concerns for the players off this proposal is likely going to be the proposed 5 year max contracts and there really being no change in revenue sharing.
I wouldn’t get too excited on the season starting November 2nd and the two sides agreeing to a deal in the next week or so, but the real negotiations are finally starting and give the NHL credit for stepping up to try to get the ball rolling here.
Here are some other details of the offer, via John Shannon of Sportsnet.
*5 Year Max Contracts
*Unrestricted Free Agency 28 Years Old or 8 years of service (up from 27 years old or 7 years of service)
*4 Year Entry Level Contracts (up from 3 years)
*$200 million dollars revenue sharing per year
*NHLer’s on one-way contracts sent to AHL will count against the cap

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