Latest on Marc Andre Fleury

A verbal from Marc Andre Fleury is as good as pen to paper.

That’s a reason Penguins GM Jim Rutherford has been so calm for months regarding his goaltending situation for the expansion draft.

Fleury gave the Penguins his word way back in February he would waive his no movement clause for the expansion draft and the official paperwork is being signed that will allow the Penguins to protect Matt Murray.

Fleury had the right to potentially play hard ball and not be willing to do the Penguins a favor but that’s just not who Marc Andre Fleury is.

A great moment in the Penguins winning last night was Fleury handing the Cup to Matt Murray.

Fleury was embarrassed last season when he was handed the Cup third, but last night he cherished every moment and for good reason.

While Matt Murray proved once again he’s the closer, Fleury played a big part in getting the Penguins nine playoff wins before Murray took over.

The Fleury situation now reaches a fascinating stage in the coming days because there are a lot of balls in the air.

While Marc Andre Fleury might become a Vegas Golden Knight, it might only be for a short period.

As trade action has heated up on Fleury with serious interest from Calgary and Buffalo, and a sleeper team or two believed to be out there that can make a deal more easily with Vegas than Pittsburgh, the Penguins brass and George McPhee’s management team are involved in talks with other clubs regarding the framework of potential deals for Fleury.

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