Cap reasons have the Penguins pinned in a corner right now sources indicate. As I’ve been very consistent on the Ray Whitney front for sometime, Pittsburgh has not made an offer or held any kind of substantive talks regarding the veteran forward. Two reasons why; Cap reasons, asking price.
Carolina is holding serious talks with the Kings, Canucks, Flyers, and but Los Angeles is the team with the offer on the table that Carolina is prepared to accept before the Olympic break. Only issue is Whitney waiving his no trade clause, which won’t happen until some progress is made on an extension. Los Angeles is the only team that has been granted permission to negotiate with Whitney.
Pittsburgh is not considered a suitor at this time and Whitney’s not really on the teams radar right now due to cap reason and the asking price.
Pittsburgh can’t get into the sweepstakes until they move at least two roster players in separate deals (not including Skoula) and by the time that happens, it might be too late.
Carolina lives off of playoff money and won’t take a contract off of the Penguins hands.
Right now Pittsburgh’s efforts are elsewhere.
Meanwhile, there’s a few different trade options and injured reserve options the Penguins are exploring, sources indicate.

*One option is placing Max Talbot on injured reserve and keeping him on the shelf for 3-4 weeks to get him healthy.
*Martin Skoula going on waivers won’t help the Penguins cause that much I’m told. They need more. That’s why were hearing Craig Adams name being thrown around and Jay McKee who has drawn interest from LA, Chicago and Nashville.
However, all three players make under $1 million per season.
*The key player to opening up salary for one of the Penguins targeted wingers is moving Ruslan Fedotenko’s $1.8 million salary.
More on this later tonight.