Murray era is Officially Over

[hide] The Pittsburgh Penguins have traded goaltender Matt Murray to the Ottawa Senators in exchange for the 52nd overall pick and forward prospect Jonathan Gruden.

There had been questions whether Ottawa would actually go the route of being willing to spend $5+ million a year on a goaltender, but this has always been an ideal landing spot if the trade market sizzled down to Pittsburgh having to go the draft pick route instead of trying to land an impact player (which was the top priority initially) the other way.

For Ottawa, this is a good gamble to make.

They’re a young and up and coming team loaded with prospects where Murray’s at the age where you can have an established goaltender in his mid-20’s for the next several years.

On the flip side, if Murray falters and Ottawa lets him walk after one year, the trade will still end up being worth it when you have as much draft capital as the Senators have had the last couple seasons.

This is a risk a team like Ottawa should be making. There’s really nothing to lose for them.

“The acquisition of Matt Murray represents an important addition to our lineup,” said Senators GM Pierre Dorion in a released statement. “He’s a proven goaltender who has considerable high-pressure experience and someone who we’re certain will serve as an exceptional mentor to our young group of upcoming goaltenders.”

As for the Penguins, GM Jim Rutherford will likely be applauded for coming out of this with a late second-round pick due to the log jam of goaltenders available and the market being pretty soft on Murray in recent days. Indications are the only other scenario Pittsburgh had cooking in the last 24 hours was discussions with the ETo read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”!