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Game 6 Reactions

The Penguins are scheduled to practice today at 2:00 p.m.. The Lightning are practicing at 1:30 p.m. at Southpointe.
Here are some Game 6 reactions from Bylsma, Boucher, Roloson, Neal, and Letang:
Bylsma on the experience of playing in a Game 7 last year: “I think there’s some experience to be drawn from the emotion and experience of playing a Game 7, ” Bylsma said.
“Do or die for both teams. Know that it will be different emotion and you play seven games, you play a good team and still plan to expect it to be a battle and play a certain way.

“Now were going to a game 7, can certainly draw some experience and I think we all will. Think we will lean on some of those experiences, but we also have to play the game, we have go out and play the game and not just talk about what we learned in the past. This is different, this is a different team, different year. We’re going to have be ready and refocused to play and open that game.”
Bylsma on 0-for-5 night on the power play: “Big factor in the game obviously, ” Bylsma said about the power play. It’s an area as we know is a decive thing in the playoffs, special teams battle in the game and we will certainty look at what we can do better and make changes in certain spots on the power play.”
Guy Boucher on playing in must-win situations: “We just played two Game 7s because that is the position we are in,” Lightning coach Guy Boucher said after his team avoided elimination for the second time in three days. “That fifth game was a do or die for us, and the sixth was a do or die.”
Dwayne Rolson on staying with game plan: “We stayed with our game plan and did what we had to do to win a hockey game,” Roloson said. “We didn’t change anything.”
James Neal on series coming down to one game: “It’s a seven-game series. They’re a good team,” Neal said. “We’ve played them hard all series long. It comes down to one now. Lay it out on the line … do what we can, and come out with the win.”
Kris Letang on not getting frustrated: “We’ve just got to stick with it. No use in getting frustrated,” Letang said. “We know we’ve had chances here to end it, but it’s a seven-game series and we’ll come out fighting hard in our building.”

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