Via Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune, 14 teams have scouts in the building for tonight’s Blackhawks – Flames game, and the Penguins are one of the 14 teams scheduled to scout tonight’s game.
When it comes to the Jarome Iginla sweepstakes, the other notable team in the building is the Los Angeles Kings who like the Penguins are one of four teams on Iginla’s trade list.

When it comes to the Penguins open to adding a top-6 winger, how big is their search beyond Jarome Iginla?
Not very big but Word is they have one to two other targets they see as possibilities and are looking into one player with term on his contract.
Is Calgary Flames left winger Curtis Glencross that player?
Glencross, 30, has 13 goals and 21 points on the season and has long been a player of interest for the Penguins. The team pursued him in a trade during the 2011 trade deadline, prior to Glencross signing a four year extension. Glencross has posted back to back 20+goal seasons, scoring a career high 26 goals in 2011-2012. He has two years remaining on his contract with a cap hit of just $2.550 million.
It’s still unclear how much Flames GM Jay Feaster intends to blow up his roster but the Flames are listening on all players and they are getting calls on Glencross.
When it comes to Glencross vs Iginla, the better fit for the Penguins is Glencross.