The Pittsburgh Penguins have emerged as one of two “desired locations” winger Shane Doan will consider in the Eastern Conference to go along with a shortlist of teams in the Western Conference, and discussions between the Penguins and Doan’s camp remain on-going and will continue throughout the next 48-72 hours.
“Pittsburgh has strong interest and the interest is mutual, ” agent Terry Bross of Lagarede Unlimited told Inside Pittsburgh on Monday afternoon, indicating that Pittsburgh is a desired location for Doan and that discussions will continue in the next couple days with Penguin management.
Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma has been in on the recruitment of Doan,

and has been expected to get in touch with Doan if he hasn’t already, Inside Pittsburgh Sports has learned.
Doan has a very shortlist of teams he is considering in the Western Conference, headlined by the Coyotes, Sharks, Canucks and Detroit Red Wings. In the Eastern Conference it’s even smaller and Doan will only consider joining the New York Rangers, and Pittsburgh Penguins, one individual close to the situation said, although other teams haven’t been “publicly” eliminated. Doan has been viewed as a longshot to leave the Western Conference.
The Vancouver Canucks are considered to be one of the biggest obstacles for teams like Pittsburgh, San Jose, Detroit and the Rangers chasing Doan. Doan’s wife is from Kamloops and he’s a part owner of a minor league hockey team in the area.
The Penguins are in the process of making an official offer, as early as tomorrow I’m told. It should be noted that agents seem to love to publicly make it known that the Penguins have interest in their client but I can confirm that Pittsburgh is making a hard push and I’ve dealt with Terry in the past for some MLB clients he has and I can confirm that Pittsburgh is a team Doan is serious about and he’s not just keeping them around. However, I’d still call them a longshot at this point.