Penn State gets Four year bowl ban and fined $60 million, among other sanctions

The NCAA struck down on Penn State imposing a number of severe sanctions for the present and the future, in addition to wiping out all Penn State football wins from 1998 – 2011. NCAA Executive Chair Edward Ray said in his opening remarks that “the fundamental story of this horrific chapter should focus on the innocent children and the powerful people that let them down and that the NCAA has authority to act in this case.”
“These are very, very serious sanctions, ” President Emmert said.
Sanctions Imposed:
*NCAA is imposing a $60 million dollar fine with funds to be used for an endowment for children.
*Penn State football will be banned from bowl games, post-season play for next four years
*According to the NCAA, Penn State football players are permitted to transfer immediately and eligible to play this season with any school that they transfer to.
*All Penn State football wins from 1998 to 2011 are vacated, therefore, Joe Paterno is no longer the highest winning coach.
*Penn State will have their scholarships reduced to 15 down from 25 for the next four years, losing 40 scholarships over the next four years.

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