A new video released by TMZ of Ray Rice knocking his fiancee out, has thankfully led to the Ravens finally terminating Rice’s contract today. Social media is quite powerful, good and bad at times, but this was a situation where the power of social media was enough to finally see Ray Rice get what he deserved; Released from the NFL and likely never playing an NFL game again. The NFL also announced this afternoon Rice has been suspended indefinitely. He’s never going to play another day in the NFL.
Whether the Ravens and NFL actually saw this video remains up for debate but until today their continued support of Rice was sickening and disgusting, especially the Ravens and Roger Goodell buying Rice’s story that he was defending himself.
Even if the Ravens didn’t see the video, what did the Ravens organization think? Rice’s fiancee slipped and fell? It’s sickening to think Rice could have been back playing football next week if this video didn’t come out. Better late than never that the Ravens, NFL were finally backed into a corner and were forced to do the right thing, thanks to public pressure.
Big News for Penn State. Here’s the report from ESPN’s Josh Moyer:
Penn State will be eligible for the postseason this year and will see all its scholarships returned next year, after the NCAA agreed Monday afternoon to again reduce sanctions stemming from the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal.
Penn State’s athletics integrity monitor, former Sen. George Mitchell, recommended both actions in his second annual report that gauges progress made by the university. Minutes after the report was announced, the NCAA said it would follow both recommendations immediately.
“Penn State has made remarkable progress over the past year,” said South Carolina president Harris Pastides, a member of the NCAA’s board of directors. “The board members and I believe the executive committee’s decision is the right one. It allows both the university and the association to continue to move toward a common goal of ensuring that educating, nurturing and protecting young people is a top priority.”