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1. RAY RICE SUSPENDED JUST TWO GAMES – Video proof of Ray Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious wasn’t enough for Rice to be suspended more than two games. The NFL today handed Rice a two game suspension which is a joke. The Ravens won’t release Rice but what the Ravens should do is show they feel what he did was a horrible thing and suspend him for an additional two games, which would make the suspension at least four games. Nothing what the NFL does rarely makes sense when it comes to how they discipline . Women should boycott games.

2. MALKIN A FOLLOWER – Evgeni Malkin has always been a follower. He shows up takes care of what he has to do individually and that’s about it. He enjoys hiding behind Sidney Crosby and Malkin did the same thing in the Olympics hiding behind Alex Ovechkin. Trib Columnist Rob Rossi says it’s time for Malkin at age 28 to take charge of the Penguins room and it’s hard to disagree with any of that. Rossi in his column details why he feels Mike Johnston’s trip to Moscow is so important, though, I will argue that Johnston making the trip is nothing more than a nice gesture. I will say this: Malkin who arguably has been surpassed by the likes of Jonathan Toews, Anze Kopitar who are true 200 ft players, could push Crosby for the label as the games best player if he truly wanted too.

3. TABATA A BAD APPLE – Why is Jose Tabata not in the Majors with Starling Marte on the DL. Here’s your likely answer.

4. BURNETT A NO. 4 STARTER WITH PIRATES? – Is the A.J. Burnett to Pittsburgh rumors more media driven than factual? He’s certainly not the Pirates top priority, though, the team isn’t ruling out the possibility. On whether Burnett was a top priority, one Pirates official said Burnett would be their No. 4 starter if they reacquired him, so basically he’s only coming back if the cost is low, Phillies pick up bulk of money and Burnett gives Pirates assurances he’s going to retire.

5. Worst Case Scenario for Pirates at Trade Deadline – The St. Louis Cardinals acquiring David Price, even with their injury situation.

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