David Littlefields job may be on the line at this trade deadline and with the Pirates recent surge he has been given the green light to acquire another bat. If the team stumbles during the first couple weeks following the All-star break a fire sale is likely. The next 10 games will tell which route the Pirates take at the deadline. Now to the Rockies rumor. In the past couple days Littlefield has been in discussions with the Colorado Rockies about right fielder Brad Hawpe and CF Ryan Spilborghs. Spilborghs is a young cf who is batting .330 in 36 games since being recalled the Rockies triple AAA afflitate. SpilborghsStats

Hawpe coming to Pittsburgh appears to be bleak unless the Pirates include Paul Maholm into the deal. Littlefield was told Hawpe is not on the trading block but i’ve been told the Rockies are willing to trade Hawpe for starting pitching. I’ve been told any deal for Torres will not go down until the trade deadline. Marte or Capps could warrant a return of Hawpe, not Torres

Latest rumor: Solomon Torres for Ryan Spilborghs/mid tier prospect

The Rockies and Tigers have inquired about Solomon Torres. The Tigers have their sights set on Brad Lidge so they are a afterthought at the moment. Demaso Marte is one of the few Pirates who will have trade value if he is dealt.

Low Trade Value
Potential hitters on the market the Pirates may take a look at.

The Boston Red Sox are looking to trade Willy Mo Pena according to the Boston Herald. Pena has loads of potential but he is having a awful year

The Chicago Cubs outfielder Jacque Jones is on the trading block according to the Chicago Sun Times.. The Pirates were interested in Jones during the off-season. Jones is owed over 5 million next season.

Potential Pirates who could be moved if the team struggles the next 10 games.
Demaso Marte -lots of value
Solomon Torres
Jose Castillo
Shaun Chacon –
Jack Wilson – not gaining much interest.