Roberts & Recchi Update plus some Sopranos talk

  • Rumors have been swirling around since this morning that Gary Roberts and Mark Recchi are going to sign as a combo or not sign at all. Mark Recchi is upset about the Pens low ball offer and who can blame him at all. Recchi is aging at the minute but it’s gotta be tough being told your going to make the same salary as Jarko Ruutu while you finished third on the team in points. 1.3 million is all i would offer Mark Recchi but he’s got a point to being upset. About the rumor that Roberts and Recchi will sign as combo or not is absolutely just a rumor. The reason Roberts hasn’t resigned is he’s waiting to hear about what kind of offer Toronto is going to send his way. He’s not waiting on Mark Recchi.
  • The ending of the Sopranos was fantastic. On the morning radio shows it seemed like some people like the ending and some didn’t. Every show or movie doesn’t have to end like Law & Order. Their doesn’t always have to be an resolution. David Chase kept all of us wondering what happened at the end, and that’s what was great about it. We can say that Tony will go to jail and be locked up for life. What i believe happened is there were three people in that dinner who were in Tony’s past and the guy coming out of the bathroom takes the family out as Meadow walks in the door.

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