Latest Penguins Rumors


The Penguins destined to be amped with cap space due to unloading Marc Andre Fleury’s (though money may dry up if they commit long-term deals to their key RFA’s) contract later this week and maybe another contract, has sparked speculation that the team may chase a big fish.

NHL Insider Ren Lavoie reports information is starting to circulate the Penguins have an interest in Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Radulov.

From Lavoie:

[“With so much money to improve the team, several information circulate to the effect that the Penguins have an interest towards Alex Radulov, who will become unrestricted free agent July 1. The Penguins do not have the right to discuss with Canadian striker before the end of June, but it seems that Evgeni Malkin would love to play with his compatriot and friend. It is obvious that Radulov should probably accept a smaller contract if he joined the Penguins, but it seems that at the moment he is trying to reach an agreement with the Canadian. Remains that the Russian forward remains very greedy, especially because he desires a very long-term agreement.”]

Radulov, 30, had 18 goals and 54 points for the Canadiens in 2016-2017. He’s a dynamic playmaker who had 7 points in six postseason games for the Canadiens.

Radulov is seeking a 7 year deal from the Canadiens which is a non-starter for Montreal and just about every other NHL team.[/hide]