Bobby Farnham was claimed this afternoon by the New Jersey Devils. Many saw this coming with how much of an admiration John Hynes has for Farnham. New Jersey also feels Farnham can help their penalty kill, per a club source.

The Penguins are not surprised he got claimed.

As for how this impacts the Penguins roster, it does little. Farnham was only going to play a handful of games this season and when he did, it would only be for five minutes a game.

Fans want to be frustrated, a bigger fuss should have been made when Marc Arcobello was waived last season, a productive player, than Farnham who got a lot of hype from the local media because of how great of a guy he is.

— Interesting scenario developing behind the scenes in the Penguins organization. David Morehouse was a prominent political strategist for a reason and everything is calculated with the Penguins organization these days.

Things are already in motion from the Morehouse/Rutherford duo that if things get bad, to make sure the narrative is squarely on Mike Johnston and absolving others connected to Johnston, the man who hired Johnston and a certain assistant coach.

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