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Insider Only Steelers front office star Omar Khan interviewing with Jets this week

Steelers front office executive Omar Kahn, a rising star in the front office ranks, will interview with the New York Jets on Thursday, according to the New York Daily News.
Kahn, 35, holds the official title of Director of Football and Business administration and joined the Steelers in 2001 to serve as their chief negotiator replacing Dan Ferens.
He is regarded as one of the NFL’s best cap experts and was a top candidate for the Seattle Seahawks GM position two years ago.
Kahn figures to be enticing to the Jets who are in a salary cap mess and Kahn’s message to Jets could also be, “I can get you Bill Cowher”.

Cowher this week told media outlets he plans to return to coaching at somepoint but the belief from those close to him is he plans to stay in the broadcast booth for at least a couple more years where he takes in a salary of $1 million per season.
Cowher lives in New York and the job he has wanted for years is the New York Giants. He has not coached since 2006 and the longer he waits, the less likely he will be coveted by teams, which has slowed down in the past year or two.
Speculation for a few years has been that if Cowher got back into the coaching ranks, he would take Kahn with him. It will be vice-versa if Kahn gets a GM job.

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