KHAN STILL IN MIX: Steelers executive Omar Khan a rising star in the front office ranks, has emerged as a serious candidate for the Jets General Manager job. Khan is believed to be one of three finalists still under consideration and Gerry Dulac of the Post-Gazette reports Khan had a second interview today. Seahawks VP of football admin John Idzik is the likely favorite for the job but Khan appears to be intriguing to the Jets. There’s a lot of personnel men out there who don’t want this job.
Haley/Cardinals: The Todd Haley, Arizona Cardinals situation has been very strange from the start. He’s a serious candidate for the job, yet Haley’s people continue to tell anybody who will listen that he is not interested in the job. Haley interviewed last week for the job and there has still been a lot of on-going dialogue between Haley and the Cardinals this week as Arizona’s coaching search is all over the map with Bruce Arians now emerging as a serious contender for the job, in addition to Haley.
Haley’s people can say what they want but let’s not kid ourselves, if the Cardinals offer the job to him, Haley is going to take it and the Steelers strongly believe that from ownership down to the coaching staff. They want him back but have no issue with him pursuing a head coaching job. There’s only 32 of them.
Chip Kelly lands in Philadelphia: The Philadelphia Eagles got their guy in the end anyways. After last week deciding to stay in Oregon, Chip Kelly changed his mind and officially became the Philadelphia Eagles 21st head coach in Eagles history today, ESPN reports. You have to wonder if Mike Vick now ends up staying in Philadelphia despite the monster contract due to the potential fit in Kelly’s system.