dupree The Pittsburgh Steelers have selected outside linebacker Alvin “Bud” Dupree with the 22nd overall selection.
Dupree was a projected top-15 pick and there was lots of chatter of him going in the top-10 in recent days, as high as No. 6 to the Jets. However, there wasn’t a run on edge rushers like many believed there would be and the Steelers jumped on the opportunity to select Dupree who was believed to be the No. 2 outside linebacker on the Steelers draft board.
Dupree racked up 7.5 sacks during his senior season and was second on the team in tackles with 74, including 12.5 tackles for loss.
“We didn’t expect Bud Dupree to be their at 22,” Kevin Colbert said. “Very easy selection. We didn’t think this would have happened at the beginning of the day.”
“He was certainly the highest player on our board [available]. This was a gift for us,” Colbert said.
The Steelers passed on players with baggage in Randy Gregory and Shane Ray and got a player with good character and a high upside
“Very humble [kid],” Tomlin said of Dupree.
“Endless support and praise for this kid,” Colbert said of what the Steelers learned about Dupree at Kentucky’s ProDay.”
Dupree fits the type of linebackers (size/strength) the Steelers have sought in the past, minus Jarvis Jones, and Tomlin called Dupree a unique player and downplayed any similarities of LaMarr Woodley when asked. From a size standpoint, that’s about it.
Dupree has unique athletic ability for a player his size. Woodley didn’t.
“He’s a unique animal,” Tomlin said.

Dupree’s measurable’s are on another level from Woodley’s. Tomlin said Dupree will start playing on the left side.
“Bud has played on his feet, he’s showed a much wide variety of skill set,” Tomlin said.
“Very, very strong at the point,” Colbert said. “He’s really, when you watch him workout, you had to keep reminding yourself, this guy is 6-4, 269. He can surely play the point. He can power rush, speed rush, put moves together and he cover.”