The Toronto Maple Leafs have shown a strong interest in a young Bruins forward. Could Phil Kessel be among the players being discussed?

The Boston Bruins flirted around the idea of moving forward Phil Kessel this summer. There has been some friction between Kessel and Bruins head coach Claude Julien and according to a source the Toronto Maple Leafs came very close to acquiring Kessel and forward P.J. Axelsson in exchange for Matt Stajan/2nd round pick and prospect Dmitri Vorobiev. The Bruins scouting staff had Vorobiev rated as the Maple Leafs #3 prospect but Bruins GM Petr Chiarelli pulled the Bruins offer off the table because of the uncertainty of Vorobiev coming to the NHL. The two sides were not able to come to an agreement on the prospects. What has been interesting is Petr Chiarelli putting Kessel on the trade block. It is a known fact that Julien and Kessel have had issues but it’s way too early to give up on Kessel.
The Rangers front office remains split on what to do with Brendan Shanahan but the team is expected to make an offer prior to training camp. Shanahan’s family really likes it in New York, and his focus remains with New York. The issue Shanahan has is the Rangers offer will likely be in the $1.5 million range. Shanahan obviously has the option of looking elsewhere.
There has been interest from St.Louis and there is speculation the Blues are prepared to make an offer in the $3 million range. Shanahan previously expressed an interest in Detroit, Pittsburgh and New Jersey.
Glen Murray has received a training camp invite from the Ottawa Senators. Anton Thun the agent for Glen Murray remains confident that his client will receive a guaranteed contract. The Phoenix Coyotes have expressed an interest but have yet to make an offer. The idea of Murray re-uniting with Joe Thornton in San Jose has been mentioned by the Boston media but I’m hearing San Jose has shown zero interest in Glen Murray.
The Senators remain somewhat interested in Ducks defenseman Mathieu Schneider but would have to send some salary back to the Ducks to make the numbers work. It’s looking unlikely right now but if Schneider is dealt, he wants to be moved to a playoff contender.
The Colorado Avalanche did show a serious interest in Mats Sundin and it’s believed there was interest from Mats Sundin’s camp. The Avalanche had over $10 million in cap space prior to signing Joe Sakic and looked into the possibility of signing both. Sakic expressed a willingness to sign for less if it meant signing Mats Sundin. When this possibility was discussed the Avalanche were gauging trade interest in forwards Marek Svatos, and Tyler Arnason to clear salary. At this moment the Avalanche have about $5 million in cap space.
Teemu Selanne is set on returning to the NHL for his 16th season. All signs point towards Selanne returning to the Ducks. If the Ducks somehow fail to move the necessary salary, Selanne may look into the possibility of playing elsewhere. Selanne’s asking price to play elsewhere would be over $5 million.
Photo courtesy of Dan4thNicholas