The second coming of Bill Cowher

Bill Cowher the longest tenured coach with one team in the NFL, in his 14th year is one of the leagues most successfull coaches during that time. In 14 seasons Cowher has earned 10 playoff berths, 8 division titles , 1 super bowl ( 0-1 ) appearance and has reached the AFC Championship game 5 times compiling a record of 1-4. A record that gives him the name, a coach that can’t win the big game. Coach Cowher preaches hard work, dedication and you will play Steeler football. That means you play Bill Cowher football, old school kind of football. Coming into this season with Ben Roethlisberger being their franchise quarterback I wondered is Bill Cowher ever going to change his stubborn ways and let his franchise quarterback actually win games for him, instead of just letting him manage games. The first couple weeks were frustrating, when you see Ben throwing a average of about 15-17 passes a game. Then Ben goes down with knee injuries in the first couple months and misses 4 weeks of the season. That was turning point for Cowher. I ve always felt this team would never reach it’s full potential until Cowher changed his ways and took the leash off of Roethlisberger. He saw how poorly this team played without Ben and he came to the realization that Ben is his most important player and maybe just maybe it’s time to change my ways. From then on we saw all of sudden Heath Miller was being a vocal part of the offense.

Now the Playoffs are here and Coach Cowher comes out with a ariel attack in both games letting his star quarterback win games for him. What is going on here, usually during the playoffs in past years were talking about Cowher being outcoached because he won’t change his ways. Now he’s letting a player who plays a position that he use to feel wasn’t all that important be the vocal point of his offense. I never thought he was going to ever get rid of his stubbornness that you have to run the ball 60 percent of the time, because that’s Bill Cowher football. With Cowher getting rid of his 1960 playbook and letting his franchise quarterback finally be the vocal point of the offense, I would have to say I like the new Bill Cowher better than the old one. Don’t you agree …..

Canucks Send Penguins Seventh Straight Loss

Vancouver 4 – Pittsburgh 2
The steak hits seven and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end with the New York Rangers and 2 games against the flyers in the coming week. Same thing happened that happens every night. The penalties just dont look like there ever going to stop. When Michel Therrien took over i expected a lot less penalty’s because of his disiplinarian approach. It just hasn’t happened. There inability to get the puck out of there defensive zone is a big problem with this team. When that happens consistantly like it does to the Pens , it just means players are soft and aren’t giving that extra effort to do the little things. The little things win hockey games, and last i looked the Pens sure as hell aren’t.

Other news….

The NFL office has issued a statement saying that the Troy Polamalu interception that wasn’t a interception actually was a interception… Also Joey Porter said today on KDKA that he will not be fined for his comments after the game.

NCAA BasketBall – Pittsburgh moved to #9 in the top 25, and WVU is on the move, making the jump to #12 after a solid week

News out of Phoenix is swirling around that Petr Nedved is on the trade block. Rumors are flying around that a Petr Nedved for Sergei Gonchar has been in the works.

My take: I dont see this deal happening. The Pens are doing anything to get rid of Gonchar’s hefty salary, but Nedved burned to many bridges with management in his last stint in the Burgh. Chances of happening 10 percent.

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