I have been reporting for the past two months the Penguins and Marc Andre Fleury are expected to work on a long term extension sometime in August. Might want to holf off on a Fleury press conference just yet. According to a source, the Penguins are going to take a wait and see approach as they seem intent on waiting until after the 07-08 season to sign Fleury long term. Some in the organization believe right now is the time to lock up Fleury long term, while others including Ray Shero would like to wait until next summer.

This season is going to be a big year for Marc Andre Fleury. I for one believe the Penguins are making a mistake not to sign Fleury long term, even if it means overpaying him for the first couple years of the deal. Well see what happens with this, as all summer there has been mixed signals about the Penguins plans with the Fleury this summer. It really depends on who you talk to. One person will say talks are expected to begin in a week or so, while others will say Shero wants to wait until next year. As it appears now, Fleury won’t receive a long term extension this summer.

According to the news & observer out of Carolina, Penguins forward Jordan Staal was arrested along a with 13 others in Cook County, Minn. Staal was reportedly at a bachelor party with friends and family and just received a underage.

Other Rumors…..
The Penguins expect a answer from David Tanabe by the end of the week.

Keep hearing the Penguins will make a trade or two before opening night…………