Jagr on why Flyers were a better fit than PIT or DET
Jaromir Jagr spent two weeks mulling an NHL return to the Detroit Red Wings or Pittsburgh Penguins and in the end it was the Philadelphia Flyers that Jagr saw as the best fit.
The 39 year old held a conference call with reporters and what is likely to catch alot of peoples attention is that Jagr said Pittsburgh and Detroit having left handed centers was a drawback.

Via Dan Rosen of the NHL.com, Jagr said it was important for him to go to a team with right handed centerman like the Flyers have in Daniel Briere and Claude Giroux.
Jagr mentioned how Pittsburgh has Crosby and Malkin and Detroit has Datsyuk and Zetterberg, all lefties.
On whether he’s chasing the money?
“I could easily stay in Russia, make a lot more money, and play 50 games, Jagr said.
Jagr said there were more NHL teams with higher offers than Philadelphia. Jagr told reporters his primary goal is to make the people who believed in him happy.