The Pittsburgh Pirates have recalled outfielder Gorky’s Hernandez and optioned outfielder Jose Tabata to triple-A. Tabata who is said to be 23 years old, is hitting .230 with 3 home runs and 11 RBIs this season.
Tabata last August signed a 6 year extension worth $14.75 million with three club options and many at the time felt he was crazy to sign the deal and left a lot of money on the table he could get at a later time. I doubt baseball insiders still have that same viewpoint.
2012: $750,000
2013: $ 1 million

2014: $3 million
2015: $4 million
2016: $4.5 million
The three club options that can be exercised by the team are as follows:
Club option for 2017: $6.5 million
Club option for 2018: $7.5 million
Club option for 2019: $8.5 million