Are the Penguins involved in trade talks with the Montreal Canadiens regarding Kris Letang? The answer is no, according to multiple team and NHL sources.
The internet was buzzing this weekend due to a report from TVA Sports that appears to be totally taken out of context.
Letang admitted to the French TV Station that Montreal where he has an off-season home, is one of the 14 teams he would accept a trade to.
Letang’s new contract officially kicked in on July 1 and as a technicality in his contract, Letang had to give the Penguins a list of 15 teams he wouldn’t accept a trade to. Every July he will have to do this, just like others on the team who have a no trade clause on the team.
Rob Scuderi who has the same type of no trade clause as Letang, can also block trades to 15 teams, thank Ray Shero for that, also had to submit a new updated list to the Penguins on July 1. Paul Martin who can block a trade to eight teams, also had to do the same thing and submit a new updated list.