A few quick hits
Tigers remain the most interested team in Jack Wilson, just like they’ve been the past couple weeks. Tigers offering Luis Mirtle and an intriquing prospect that has some upside
My sources indicate the Dodgers will not be getting Jack Wilson. One source told me the Pirates have been making it sound like the Dodgers are very interested while the Dodgers continue to indicate that it is unlikely that they will trade for Wilson. The Dodgers are the team the Pirates would like to trade with but that interest is not mutual. One source even characterized the Dodgers interest as minimal to this point.  Right now the Dodgers seem focused on adding another infield bat via trade (possibly Robinson Cano according to Ken Rosenthal) and just go inhouse at shortstop. Matt Kemp could be going the other way according to Rosenthal.
If the Dodgers can acquire Cano and resign Manny Ramirez which is looking like a strong possibily, losing Kemp may not be that big of a deal. The Dodgers also remain one of the favorites to sign Casey Blake. I just don’t see the point in trading for Wilson if they acquire Cano and resign Blake.
In regards to the Yankees actively shopping Robinson Cano, a source tells me they have contacted the Pirates about Nate McLouth. Pirates very relunctant to move him. The Yankees have moved on to the Dodgers and if the Yankees move Robinson Cano, they will sign second baseman Orlando Hudson.