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Insider Only Bylsma: “We’ll go game time” on starting goaltender

Bylsma Tidbits
For the third straight game, head coach Dan Bylsma failed to commit to goaltender Marc Andre Fleury. Bylsma wouldn’t go into length regarding his goaltending situation but said he will make a game time decision on tonight’s starter.
“We’ll go game time, ” Bylsma said when asked about whose starting in net.
Failing to commit to Fleury is another sign that Brent Johnson will make his third straight start.
“You know, you make a plan at the beginning of the year and beginning of every month you make a plan for the month, ” Bylsma said. Probably every month it gets adjusted. Sometimes its for different reasons, so we’re not far off the plan we set out for right. So, we’ll see how it keeps going this month.”
During the morning skate…..

Johnson took the bulk of reps that the probable starting goaltender usually takes.
Bylsma on Sergei Gonchar’s return: Just watching video of the Senators, you don’t even need to see the numbers on the back to see his spot on the power play, playing out there, ” Bylsma said. “Gonch played a long time for the Capitals too but it’s going to be tough to not think he’s wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey tonight when you see out there on the power play, see him out there…. He was a great player for us and did a lot of great things for us, so it’s not probably going to be very easy for him to have the Senators logo on as well.”
Bylsma on Goligoski’s strong start: “I’m not entirely surprised, maybe a little more surprised at last years start than this years start, ” Bylsma said. “He’s a guy with a unique skating ability, and offensive ability and I think the things he’s done the best right now is that right he’s playing a new spot on the power play because of his smarts and ability to read the play offensively and probably the thing over his career is that his shot is now a threat.”
More from Bylsma
A lot has been made about Gonchar’s return regarding his friendship with Evgeni Malkin. Gonchar played a big role in Malkin’s development but Bylsma said today that Malkin is perfectly adapted into this team, even calling him a “Pittsburgher”
Gonchar and Malkin had lunch together on Sunday and the Penguins will have a tribute video for Gonchar who had a tremendous 5 year career with Pittsburgh.

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