The Penguins goaltending situation is starting to play out as expected.

If Matt Murray had been healthy to start the season, Penguin coaches planned to start Murray for around 65% of the games in the first month of the season.

Since Murray made his first start of the season vs the Anaheim Ducks, he is 3-0 with a 1.33 GAA, .957 save percentage and 1 shutout.

Tonight he will make his fourth start in six games, which from a percentage standpoint is right around where Penguin coaches would have mapped it out if Murray was available to play from the get-go.

It’s just a small sample of six games, but from Fleury’s standpoint, the worst case scenario could be developing.

Despite quite a fan base from upper management, Fleury has always been behind the eight-ball from the sense that Murray was always going to be favored by the coaching staff and how can you blame them.

This goaltending situation was always going to be about if Fleury can truly separate himself from Murray. Unless Murray takes a big step back, it’s unlikely to happen.

If this trend continues over the next six to eight weeks with Murray starting somewhere in neighborhood of 60-70% of the games, does Fleury sit quietly?

Sources close to the situation indicate that while Fleury will always be the ultimate teammate, he has no plans to be MTo read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”!