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The Penguins have not played an actual hockey game in over three months but every Matt Murray save or non-save in PRACTICE has become magnified and scrutinized from the media to the fan base with team scrimmages now getting streamed by the team.

Matt Murray is the Penguins short-term goaltender and there’s no discussion on that. Penguin coaches have planned for months that Murray will be in goal when an NHL postseason happens and an extremely poor training camp/practice sessions have not changed that one bit.

Health permitted, Murray is starting Game 1 vs the Canadiens and he has at least a two game leash, team insiders sense. It’s most likely going to take the Penguins being in a 0-2 hole with goaltending being problem No. 1 for a goaltending change happens.

However, that doesn’t mean Mike Sullivan and the coaching staff are pleased with Murray’s production in practice right now or at least concerned.

In fact, poor practice habits that some translate to inconsistent play in games from Murray, has become a contentious issue and led to frustration amongst coaches earlier this season, when Murray was getting by-passed for starts due to poor performance in pTo read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”!