A new General Manager is hired to turn around a franchise, to bring it back to it’s glory days but you don’t let him bring in his own coach. Now how is it surprising that Head coach Michel Therrien and General Manager Ray Shero have not seen eye to eye on serveral personel moves in the young season. 1st. Libor Pivko: Pivko was brought over from Nashivlle’s farm team and we have learned that Shero pretty much guarnteed Pivko that he would be on the opening day roster but Michel Therrien got the final say. For the last skilled winger spot on the roster it came down to Libor Pivko – Michel Quellet. Shero wanted to give Pivko, in retrospect a 10 game tryout and send Michel Quellet in Wilkes Barrie. If Pivko didn’t show anything, he would be released and Quellet would get his chance. Therrien won that minor battle as Quellet has got off to a surprising start scoring 4 goals in 7 games. Therrien 1 up

2nd. Jocelyn Thibault: Thibault had a solid camp but Therrien and Shero also did not see eye to eye on the goaltending situation. Shero wanted Thibault to start the season as the #1 while Therrien wanted to give Fleury a chance to keep his job but would be on a short leash. Their was even disagreement about playing Fleury back to back games last week since Thibault was promised to get his first start against the Islanders. Result: Thibault has been on the bench all season and Fleury is starting to show the National Hockey League why he was the #1 pick in the 03 draft. Therrien 2 up

3rd. Jordan Staal – Kris Letang situation. Both have been pleasant surprises and once again Shero and Therrien have different opinions on what to do with Staal and Letang. The Buzzontheburgh has learned that Kris Letang will be sent back to juniors after Saturday’s game or possibly after the New Jersey game. Either way he’s heading back to juniors. Regarding Jordan Staal; Michel Therrien has won once again. We have also learned that Jordan Staal will be staying with the club for the rest of the season. This is premature because anything can happen in a week but if Therrien gets his way like he is expected to, then Jordan Staal will Not be sent back to juniors.

Penguins have announced that Noah Welch has been recalled. Despite Ryan Malone’s injury, don’t expect to see Jordan Staal jump up the depth chart just yet. Michel Quellet is expected to move up to Crosby’s line but when Crosby and Malkin are together at times, Staal is expected to get plenty of shifts with Recchi and Ekman.