Maurkice Pouncey officially retires


Maurkice Pouncey officially announced his retirement on Friday morning. Pouncey’s retirement will save the Steelers $8 million in cap space for the 2021 season. Pouncey who some see as a likely Hall-of-Famer, had his finest years early in his career. 2010-2014 Pouncey was just another level compared to the rest of his career where he probably got more credit for being a truly great center than he really was in his final 4-5 years. Pouncey’s most dominant season of his career might have been his 2010 rookie season. He unfortunately was injured for the Super Bowl loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Vance McDonald Retires


Steelers tight end Vance McDonald has called it a career, announcing his retirement today. McDonald’s retirement saves the Steelers $5.2 million against the cap. “My family and I are so grateful for everything NFL football has provided us in our life — all the memories both good and the difficult, the relationships and friends we’ve made along the way, the life lessons the game provided both me and my loved ones,” McDonald said in a statement released by the Steelers. “It’s always been our dream and mission to leverage the platform given us through the NFL to help serve and uplift others along the way, and we will continue to find ways to serve others as we begin this next chapter of our lives. I am proud to retire a Steeler.”

Latest Steelers Buzz: Playoff Debacle & What’s next for the Steelers


‘Fire Mike Tomlin, Fire Mike Tomlin, Fire Mike Tomlin’……… ‘The coach has to go’…….. ‘That will solve everything’…….. Right? Mike Tomlin deserves to be criticized to the extent he is today for being passive in Sunday’s debacle but anything beyond that is wrong when it comes to him losing his job for Sunday’s loss. The job of the head coach is to make high pressure decisions based on where momentum is going and Mike Tomlin failed in the third quarter when the Steelers were buzzing. Tomlin was living in his fears by trying to play the field position game. The decision to punt had logic in trying to pin the Browns back as Tomlin’s defense was finally showing some life, but that logic loses value when you factor in that you have a JV level punter, which the Steelers do. So, yeah, it was a major coaching blunder by TomlinRead More »

Steelers defense allows 5 TD’s, produces 0 sacks


That vaunted Steelers with the so called best defensive line in football, best outside linebacker in football and an all-pro safety, were dominated all over the field by the Cleveland Browns in Sunday’s 47-38 loss. Pittsburgh produced 0 sacks, 0 turnovers, while the Browns needed just 65 plays to produce 5 touchdowns and 2 field goals.