The National Hockey League is looking into the possibility that if scoring does not rise next season they will make the nets bigger. It has been talked about for the past two seasons and the idea is gaining momentum. Making the goalie equipment has not worked and the only other option is expanding the nets. Heres some quotes from GM’s around the league

  • Jim Rutherford: Carolina Hurricanes “There are more than a handful of guys in favor of continuing to look at this,” Rutherford tells us. “You‚Äôll see in buildings where the home team has the power play and fans are screaming, shoot, shoot. “Well, the reason they don‚Äôt shoot is because there is nothing to shoot at except shin pads. There are no lanes anymore. Then the question is, if there is bigger nets, will they come up with another way to defend?
  • Dave Polie: Nashville Predators “Larger nets is something that is going to be topical at every GM meeting in the foreseeable future.”
  • John Muckler: Ottawa Senators “inevitable”

  • I’m undecided at the moment about this idea but the NHL needs to find a way for more scoring and this may be the only option. I agree with Rutherford that many times there is nothing to shoot at. Even with the reduction in the size of goalie equipment, the goalies are so much bigger than they were in the 80’s and early 90’s.

  • Jim Tracy is an awful manager but for the first time all year i liked one of his personnel moves. Jose Castillo had a solid showing against the Yankees on Sunday and Tracy inserted him back into the lineup Tuesday night in place of Jack Wilson. Tracy has lacked accountability for two seasons by sending players who lack effort and who are batting .220 night after night into the starting lineup. Maybe Tracy is finally begining to wake up and well see players like Castillo get rewarded for playing well of the bench.